Walk-Through Site Consultation

After reviewing your questionnaire in advance and doing some remote research, we will visit the property (for approx 2-3 hours depending on property size) and provide as much design guidance as possible during that period, including a specific list of design ideas for you to implement. It is requested that you take notes, but for this option we do not provide a written report or a drawn plan.


Estimated cost for this service: - Minimum cost $225 (plus travel) for a 2-3hr initial site visit.

  • Price includes our research time to review your questionnaire.

  • Cost payable by check or cash at end of visit.

This is the preliminary step to all of our designs. Please let us know beforehand if you are interested a Permaculture Design. In that case, CT Edible Ecosystems will document client goals and site conditions. 

Pre Purchase Site Assessment

We can assess properties that you have selected or work directly with your realtor to assess properties they have selected ensuring they meet your goals.


• A pre-visit Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis of the land, vegetation, and soils.

• A goals articulation questionnaire to help assess if this is the right property for you.

• A 2-3 hour site visit with you to get a feel for the land, generate ideas, and assess Permaculture & organic farming potential.

• A 1-4 page written summary of our visit.

We’ll create a report of our observations and recommendations of the property that you settle on. The site assessment and report that is created for you, it can be put towards our fee for creating a comprehensive Permaculture design with drawings and phase implementation breakdowns for you.